With MP Peter Dunne launching a petition to have the Government consider changing the official summer holiday period, a review should also be made at the same time of standard school and retail hours.

New Zealand is evolving and changing as a nation, and this latest proposal to change the official summer holiday period would complement the positive sensible change made to the official daylight savings hours in 2007.

As our population grows and society and trends have changed, new issues have arisen such as traffic congestion in our main centres resulting in many people, including school children having to get up and set off before dawn to allow for ever increasing commuting times, as well as many people having to work in excess of eight hours per day and up to seven days per week.

With longer daylight savings hours, this should be put to good use with changing standard school and retail hours to a later start time from 9am to 10am and later finish time from 3pm to 4pm for schools and from 5pm to 6pm for retail shops.

Having later start and finish times for school and retail hours would spread the peak traffic period out, helping to ease congestion, as well as giving many people, particularly school aged children who need more sleep, a much needed extra hour in bed in the morning when the temperature is cooler and better for sleeping, which will help improve the nation's performance and health.

Isaac Broome, Pukekohe