Council begins removal of derelict structures

Last week, the contractors began the removal of 11 derelict structures situated along the Waikato River near Hoods Landing.

Identified as potential hazards by Waikato Regional Council’s harbourmasters, the structures are believed to have been built between 50 to 80 years ago.

Wendy Valois, Waikato Regional Council Communications advisor, stated that ‘the harbourmasters are responsible for ensuring the safety of vessels using our waterways.’

“That includes identifying and, where necessary, removing hazards. There are up to 11 structures which were built alongside the Waikato River at Hoods Landing. These have been identified by our harbourmasters as being derelict, with ten falling into the water and an eleventh about to.”

Just before Labour Weekend In October last year, Waikato Regional Council placed removal notices on each of the buildings that were set to be removed.

“This was timed to coincide with the whitebait season when there was likely to be a higher number of people than normal visiting the area.”

 It was stated that when these structures do fall into the water they end up disintegrating, with the wood, tin and other materials then posing a risk to water users.

 “A decision to remove these potential hazards was made under the Waikato Navigation Safety Bylaw 2013, following consultation with iwi Maori and local fishermen, including the local fishing club.”

One of the 11 structures, which are believed to be around 50 to 80 years old.