Waiuku Theatre Group scoop 13 nominations

The team weren’t planning on entering the annual Auckland Community Theatre Trust awards, but a last minute decision has seen the Waiuku Theatre group come way with 13 nominations for their 2016 shows.

Glenda Hagenson says the nominations came as a bit of a surprise.

“We performed Duets in May last year, and almost didn’t enter it as we didn’t feel that it fitted the criteria. Yet we received nine of our 13 nominations for Duets,” she laughs.

“It is nice to know that we are keeping up with the theatres in the big smoke. We have had a few people come to us, thinking that we were just a ‘country hick’ theatre, and become blown away by the performances.”

The following are the nominations: Director – Jo Scobie – Duets (Blind Date); Director – Melissa Charbonneau – Duets (Bride to Be); Ensemble – Duets, Babooshka; Female in a Leading Role – Carol Seay – Babooshka; Female in a Leading Role – Glenda Hagenson – Duets (Blind Date); Female in a Leading Role – Melissa Charbonneau – Duets (The Holiday); Male in a Leading Role – Andrew King – Duets (Blind Date); Male in a Leading Role – Rick Turner – Duets (The Holiday); Stage Manager – Jo Scobie – Babooshka; Stage Manager – Liam Hagenson – Duets; Lighting – Andrew King – Babooshka

Set Design – Glenda Hagenson – Duets; Properties – Glenda Hagenson – Duets, Babooshka.

Auckland Community Theatre Trust awards will be held at the Crown Plaza, mid March.

The cast and crew at the Waiuku Theatre Group are already busy with rehearsals for their next production, Celebrate the Century.

To be performed in the Waiuku Town Hall, this performance is to mark 100 years since it was built.

Described as a variety style show, Celebrate the Century is packed full of comedy, singing, acting and dancing numbers.

There will be an opening and closing night dinner show and it will run from 12 to 27 May, with one matinee show on Sunday, 21 May.

With a cast of 25, it is set to have plenty of variety through the night for all to enjoy.


The cast and crew of Duets, performed in May last year, which received nine of the 13 nominations for the Waiuku Theatre Group.