Thriving Teens follow their dreams

Megan van Lieshout is passionate about helping people reach their full potential and she has practiced what she preaches by sponsoring two teens to the racing circuit. 17 year old Brooke Clarkson and her 15 year old sister Jordyn are fourth generation racers.

Brooke races in stock cars, while Jordyn races mini stocks. Part of the reason Megan, a wellness coach and owner of Soul Nourishment, supports them is because she wants to see women be empowered and resilient.

“It’s about building a life you love. That’s why I like working with the girls, because they’re doing what they love.”

In what is stereotypically a male dominated field, the Clarkson sisters are holding their own.

“I enjoy the competition of the races,” says Brooke, “You have time to meet everyone and they’re really nice and supportive.”

Brooke is in her sixth season of racing, while this is Jordyn’s first full season.

While the camaraderie is high, winning is also on the girls’ minds. “It is fun racing and trying to beat the boys,” Jordyn says.

The girls race at Huntly Placemakers Speedway, their season running from November to May.

Megan, who operates Soul Nourishment, a day retreat with lifestyle and wellness workshops, has created a new programme called Thriving Teens. She aims to inspire and encourage young teens from 12 to 14 years old across six weeks.

“It’s a really good way to grow self-esteem and discipline,” she says.

The classes will be small and intimate, giving the girls opportunities to get to know each other. “We want to build confidence and leadership skills,” says Megan, “and resilience. That’s the big one.”

She says she sees it in girls like Brooke and Jordyn. “It’s so much more than racing a car, it’s about giving something a go.”

The course starts in February and will be on Monday afternoons from 4pm to 5:15pm.

“I believe girls can do anything,” she says.

Brooke and Jordyn (holding helmets), with their support crew, who believe little girls with dreams become women with vision.