Rubbish blights rural roads
Eleven bags of waste were dumped on the side of the road in Mauku last week. It is not the first time the site has attracted people’s rubbish, with council previously coming to pick up discarded couches and televisions.
Auckland Council have an effective system of dealing with illegal rubbish dumping, which they classify as being more than two black bags full. Anything less than that comes under ‘littering’, which is still an offense. Council can issue fines between $100 and $400 for those dumping rubbish, throwing litter from vehicles or material falling off trailers.
Illegally dumped rubbish costs ratepayers just over one million dollars each year in removal charges, says Auckland council’s waste solutions general manager, Ian Stupple.
He says if a resident sees illegal dumping taking place, to provide as much information on that person and their vehicle, such as registration and time and date.
“People can go online and report it, or phone the council number 09 301 0101.”
He says Council then investigates and follows up on the report.
“Our aim is to catch the people responsible. We issue fines as a way of prevention, but in some ‘hotspots’ where regular rubbish dumping occurs, we use temporary cameras.”
Ian says a team from waste solutions will go through the rubbish to find a way of tracing the contents back to their owner.
However he says they don’t advise people to go through rubbish themselves. “You never know what’s in the rubbish. There could be sharp objects. Our staff are well equipped to go through it.”
The council can also prosecute under the Litter Act. For serious offences, the maximum penalty upon conviction is $30,000.
Call council on 09 301 0101 for more information on recycling, rubbish and inorganic collections.

The array of rubbish dumped along the road