This letter was received during our holiday break.
With the festive season upon us and another year draws to an end, I just wanted to write and say what a great read The Post is and that our household looks forward to receiving your excellent newspaper each week.
In fact, we believe the only reason the opposition continues to produce newspapers is so that the good people of this region are provided with something to start their evening fires with, while they actually read their copy of The Post.


Keep up the good work with producing such an entertaining and informative newspaper, which we look forward to receiving and reading in the new year ahead.  

G Edmonds, Abridged 
Editor’s Note:
Thank you for your feedback, we most certainly appreciate it. It is great to hear what our readers enjoy, and what we also need to work on, as we can only improve from here.
Last year, we had the priority of becoming the most informative and best community newspaper possible, and while we still have a long road ahead, we are really enjoying the journey! 
We are certainly looking forward to seeing what 2017 holds for us, and hope you and your family enjoy our first issue for the year.