Initiative will help prevent memory loss
Learn how to build a buffer of new brain connections to protect against memory loss later in life. Discover the skills needed for life-long independence and how to keep your brain and memory connections active, alert and growing at any age..
 BPW Franklin with the Memory Foundation is offering Brain Fit for Life© classes in Pukekohe commencing Feb 7th. for  5 weeks and facilitated by Cherie Powrie, with the aim of preventing age-related memory loss.
Brain Fit for Life© was created by Dr Allison Lamont and educator sister, Gillian Eadie after they had seen first-hand, the devastating effect Alzheimer’s disease can have on families.
Memory is a living part of the brain that can grow and expand to meet the demands made of it. Now is the time to build your memory resistance, the ‘cognitive reserve‘  needed as a buffer against forgetting and other signs of memory loss that occur without intervention. Just as there is a need to keep physically fit to be healthy, so the brain needs exercise, too.
This course helps put strategies in place to compensate for the memory changes that can occur. Lost car keys, forgotten phone numbers or appointments ….
“There are a lot of people out there who are fearful about losing their memory in later life, but they don’t have to be” says Virginia Warren.
 “Advances in neuroscience show brain connections can re-grow at any age, so reaching the magic 50 no longer means that ageing equals memory loss,” said Allison.
“Early 20’s to 80-year-olds have come to our Brain Fit for Life© courses. There’s a lot of laughter and activity as participants learn simple techniques to apply in everyday life. And that’s what Brain Fit for Life© is all about.”  For more information, please contact  Virginia Warren on 0272291367 or 092389430