First meeting for Waiuku subdivision of local board
The first community clinic meeting for the Waiuku subdivision of the Local Board was held last Saturday. The Deputy Mayor and the new Board Chair paid a special visit to be at the meeting.
Held at the Civic Centre, Bill Cashmore and Angela Fulljames, along with local board members, Brendon Crompton and Sharlene Druyven, were there to discuss regional issues and plans for the next three year term, as well as update the community on various projects happening in the community.
Bill Cashmore introduce himself and spoke about what his role will now entail since being elected as Deputy Mayor.
"We have a capacity problem with housing and transport. There have been endless talk fests and discussions on how we are going to fund the housing crisis and transport infrastructure, we now need to do something about it and focus on delivery."
Mr Cashmore stated that he is looking forward to working this term with the Franklin Local Board.
"Team Franklin are all paddling their waka in the same direction, which is working towards the benefit of our local community."
Those who attended the meeting were able to ask several questions, including what was being done about the shortage of services in the trade sector, especially when it came to trade training in Franklin.
"We are connecting local high schools with the trade sectors. Unfortunately, Council cannot fund education, but we can help mold these groups together," said Mr Cashmore.
Brendon and Sharlene discussed updates on several local projects, including the processes that they are taking on the Sandspit Seawall and the Waiuku Sports Park.
Brendon was also pleased to see that the community have been using the new bus services, with the number of patronage increasing every week.
Several residents from Big Bay were able to raise the concern over sea weed issues.
"It is causing problems on the beach, as it can be up to knee deep. It begins to rot and it stinks. Is this not a health and safety concern?' said one resident.
Sharlene and Brendon explained that residents needed to make a submission to ask for a beach clean up.
"While we can't solve the issue, we can certainly help with maintaining it and this is what these meetings are for; allowing the community to raise issues and voice their concerns," said Brendon.
Going forward, Saturday meetings will  be held once every third month, while the week day meetings will continue to be every third Friday of the month.
CAPTION: There was a small turnout at the first council meeting for the Waiuku Subdivision of the Local Board.