Gardening with Ruth
At this time last year my flower garden was well in bloom. Not the same this year for some reason. The roses are late and the dianthus, that usually is in full bloom, has about three flowers on it. Even the dahlias are late coming up. The geraniums are doing well and our deep burgundy climber is beautiful.     (Photo 2)
The new bank we created last summer is looking a picture as this photo shows. I think it is time to rejuvenate the soil and redesign some of the other gardens. Something to keep us busy through the summer holidays. Plenty of nutrients and fertiliser are needed to revive them.  (Photo 3)
The Post has a fabulous offer for one of our readers to win. It is a gift pack of Yates product and I just wish I was eligible to enter, but I’m not allowed. I contains everything needed for a well tended, nourished and growing garden.
However the citrus are doing well again this year and the lemons and oranges are bearing very well. I am an avid watcher of the cooking channel and I saw one of the hosts roast lemon slices in a pan with some tomatoes. They then used them in a salad and served with chicken. I think I will try this as another way to use our lemons or oranges. 
It is time to plant out more melons and continue to plant salad greens, radish, beans and snap peas. Courgettes can go in now and for those of you who are lucky enough to have planted some earlier, you may be ready to harvest. Beetroot planted now will be ready around March. Either buy small plants from your nursery or plant seed directly into the garden.
Mulch around your plants now, if you have not already done so. This will help to retain moisture during the dry months to come. But be sure not to mulch right up to the stems or trunks as it may cause stem rot. Try to water melon varieties and tomatoes from the ground, and avoiding the leaves. This will help to prevent mildew forming and killing the plants. I was been told that spraying with a diluted milk mixture will help prevent mildew. I have tried it last summer and it seemed to help. I used powered milk and made a very diluted mix and sprayed at weekly intervals.


Yates has just launched the only complete range of BioGro organic certified fertilisers and soil conditioners to provide the essential building blocks for a healthy, productive garden.

Thrive Natural Garden Lime brings soil acidity to optimal levels, unlocking nutrients and boosting growth while conditioning the soil.   Garden Lime increases resistance to pests and disease, aerates heavy clay soils and conditions the soil structure, allowing plants better access to nutrients in the soil and fertilisers.  Lime also breaks down organic matter for a healthier soil and is great added to the compost bin to improve compost quality.

Thrive Natural Dolomite Lime provides essential soil conditioning and growth nutrients including magnesium, essential for chlorophyll production and healthy leaves.  A lack of magnesium is a common cause of yellowing leaves.  Calcium has been added to strengthen plant cells and increases resistance to pests and disease.

The next step is feeding your plants to encourage strong, healthy plants with Thrive Natural Blood and Bone.  Boosted with organic New Zealand seaweed, sustainably harvested by hand and naturally dried in coastal winds helping to retain the delicate vitamins and minerals for plant and root health.  With sustained release, nutrient wastage and leaching is reduced, providing ongoing plant nutrition.  The natural soil conditioning and aeration encourages earthworms and microbes which in turn, unlock nutrients in the soil.   Phosphorous aids root growth while the added seaweed encourages strong, healthier roots and increased plant resistance.

Thrive Natural Sulfate of Potash plant food is also enriched with organic New Zealand seaweed and is a natural flower and fruit booster.  A rich source of potassium, encouraging larger, tastier fruit and abundant flowers, Sulfate of Potash also improves flower quality, colour and plant growth.  What spinach did for Popeye, Sulfate of Potash will do for your plants – strengthening plant stems, branches and roots while improving resistance to pests, disease and environmental stress.

The new range of Thrive BioGro organic certified planting partners are all available in re-sealable bags to stop moisture getting in and ensuring the contents remain fresh and active.


Yates Moss & Algae Killer will sort out your lawn and your house. Hve you got moss on the lawn, the path or the roof?  Algae on the deck, the pavers or the bricks?

Yates Moss & Algae Killer is a powerful hose-on formulation that kills moss, lichen, liverwort and algae in lawns and on paving, roofs, brick, timber and other hard surfaces. 

The bleach-free, non-staining formula will work gently and gradually. It is so easy to use. Just click onto your hose and spray the automatically mixed solution where you want it, saturate the surface and leave to dry.


Get rid of weeds fast and naturally with Nature’s Way Organic Weed Gun. The ready-to-use Gun is BioGro approved for organic gardening.

The ready to use, clove oil based, all-natural solution targets common broad leaf weeds, grasses, clover, moss and algae and kills them within hours.

The low toxic ingredients means there is no residual soil activity, allowing immediate replanting.


Yates Thrive range of liquid fertilisers is now available in a new hose-on application making nourishing your plants even easier.

There’s no mixing and no mess and the one product can be used across the entire garden—vegetables, flowers, ornamentals and lawns.

Thrive Natural Seaweed is a tonic for overall plant and root health, delivering stronger roots and improved plant resistance from stress conditions such as heat, drought, frost, pests and disease. It also reduces transplant shock in new plants and is a great kick start for seedlings. 

As seaweed is not a fertiliser, but a tonic, it is recommended alternating a seaweed tonic with a fertiliser such as Thrive Fish Blood and Bone.

Thrive Fish Blood and Bone is an all-purpose fertiliser developed specifically for lush growth of foliage, flowers and fruit. Sustainably sourced fish from the Southern oceans has been cold composted and combined with powerful levels of NPK to boost growth with added nutrients to optimise the soil’s condition for strong and lush plant growth, plus stimulating worm activity. 

For gardeners searching for just one easy natural solution, Thrive Natural Fish and Seaweed is a complete plant fertiliser to nourish plants and enrich soil. The fish feeds lush foliage, flowers and fruit while seaweed provides a tonic for overall plant and root health. 
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