Hot topics discussed at National Party breakfast
Franklin has been treated with several visits from many dignitaries over the last several weeks, with the most recent being Hon Paula Bennett.
Last Thursday morning, Minister Bennett attended a breakfast that was put on by the National Party and MP for Hunua, Andrew Bayly at the Pukekohe Cosmopolitan Club.
Minister Bennett has a range of portfolio's under her belt, and touched base on her history in Parliament, and the area's that she looks after, including New Zealand's tourism industry, climate change and the social housing sector.
"We are very fortunate to have so many dignitaries travel into our electorate," says Andrew Bayly.
"They are able to talk to our community and see first hand the infrastructure and transport issues that we are having."
Minister Bennett was interested to see how Pukekohe progresses with the recent changes to the public transport system in the near future.
"We are having similar growth in our neck of the woods (North Shore), so I am very interested to see how the battery operated trains work, and how they are received here in Franklin, as we could adopt something similar for our area." 
Minister Bennett also spoke about the housing crisis, as well the gap between social housing and market renters, which stirred an interest with those who attended. The question was raised at how Minister Bennett would bridge the large gap between the two, which she replied they are currently looking at several initiatives.
"We do not have enough private investors who are building social housing rentals, so that is an option that we are investigating."
Another attendee asked Minister Bennett about how New Zealand will be affected with climate change and trade now that Donald Trump is in governance. 
"We need to give Trump some space at this point in time. He is a scrapper, and if you back him in a corner, he will plant his feet. I am a scrapper too, so I can understand. I do believe that he isn't as forward leading when it comes to human induced climate change, and he does run the risk of being left behind in trade deals, especially if he looks at closing the borders. But for now, we need to give him some space before jumping onto it."
Secretary for the National Party Hunua Electorate, Ian McDougall, finished the breakfast by suggesting to Minister Bennett to build a bridge from Karaka to Weymouth.
"I can guarantee that it will be a better job that what you are doing now."
CAPTION: MP for Hunua, Andrew Bayly, Minister Paula Bennett, and Hunua Electorate Secretary, Ian McDougall.