Aucklanders see how much food they waste
Auckland Council displayed two huge toast towers at Britomart recently to show the scale of food waste that occurs each day.
Aucklanders waste 15,000 loaves bread every day—enough to cross the harbour bridge three times.
New Zealanders on the whole throw out about 79 kilograms of food each, totalling around 122,547 tonnes. 
“Food waste is a massive issue in New Zealand and particularly in Auckland where our wastage is higher than the national average,” says councillor Penny Hulse, Chair of the Environment and Community Committee.


“The majority of food waste at home can be easily avoided and that’s why we’re encouraging Aucklanders to love their leftovers. It’s easy and there are so many benefits.


“Food is such a precious resource and it’s such a shame to see it go to waste in the quantities it does in New Zealand. We’re proud to host this event to push the Love Food Hate Waste message in Auckland as part of our commitment to promote waste reduction,” she says.


Auckland Council’s Waste Planning Manager Parul Sood says less food waste is crucial to the council’s goal of zero waste by 2040.


“It’s recognised globally that we can’t keep sending things to landfill at the same rate. If we want to reach our 2040 target here in Auckland we all have to do our bit.”
Throughout November, Auckland Council have been promoting the Love Food Hate Waste campaign which aims to see food waste reduced.
More information on how you can make the most of your leftovers and to find inspiration, go to