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Posted by Make-A-Wish New Zealand on Thursday, 27 October 2016
Taine with his new friend, Black Thunder.

Taine with his new friend, Black Thunder.

Taine Meachen, is a young boy with a passion for wildlife and now his dream to own his very own reptile have come true.

The seven year old who has acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL), was gifted an Inland Bearded Dragon from the Make-A-Wish foundation.
On Friday October 28, he received his dragon called Black Thunder, which was donated by Ti Point Reptile Park.
Theresa Meachen, Taine’s mum says he has fallen in love with his dragon and the dragon loves him right back.
Black Thunder is also getting love from the other Meachen siblings who have helped him to settle well into their family home.
“All Taine wants to do is hang with his dragon,” Theresa says.
The community have also jumped on board to support Taine and Black Thunder.
Franklin local, Rosemary saw Taine’s story in the Post and wanted to help the family out by supplying them with free locusts for Black Thunder to enjoy.
Rosemary’s young son David has his own dragon called Elmo and they have recently started up their own business, the Happy Organic Locust Company.
Taine’s cousins, who live in a rural setting, have also been bringing Black Thunder fresh bugs. However, Taine is trying to encourage his dragon to eat vegetables as well, but so far Black Thunder really likes his bugs.
“We are just so grateful of all the support we have received. We have been in contact with Rosemary and are currently organising to visit,” said Theresa.
Receiving his dragon wasn’t the only highlight for Taine. In the lead up to bringing his dragon home, Taine went on a special tour of Auckland Zoo, getting to feed and hold two coastal bearded dragons. As well as that, they provided an enclosure for Black Thunder to stay in when he’s not hanging out with Taine.
Make-A-Wish also surprised Taine’s friends and family with a special private screening of the Disney movie Pete’s Dragon at the Event Cinemas in Queen Street. There was plenty of popcorn, seat hopping, a massive red dragon and of course a whole heap of smiles.
Taine still has a little way to go until he is treatment free, but with a new friend by his side, 2018 where he will hopefully receive the all clear, is looking a lot brighter.