Pet of the Month
Don’t be fooled by those piercing blue eyes, as Terah Dogz isn’t as innocent as she looks.
Having just turned two years old, Terah is a purebred Husky and loves to give her dad grief by escaping and playing chase with her granny’s sheep and the neighbour’s calves.
She has a particular taste for chicken and anything else that is ‘human food’. This includes stealing packets of her favourite human treaties, including cashew nuts and consuming them under her dad’s bed, with only the clean packet left as evidence.
Terah loves it when her grandparents spoil her, especially when her grandad is in charge of feeding her, as there is always plenty of options to choose from in her bowl. However, her dad says that it isn’t good for her figure. 
She loves her brothers Bailey Dog and Baxter very much, however, being the bossy sister that she is, Terah makes sure that they know she is the boss of the three.
Her favourite activities other that playing ‘tag’ with other animals and eating food, include going for walks or adventures in the car. However, her absolute favourite thing in the whole wide world is her dad, especially morning cuddles before he goes to work.