Elderly lady victim of power scam
An elderly Waiuku woman has been the target of a scam where scammers took $4000 out of her account after she gave her bank account details over the phone.
The woman was targeted by people who called telling her she needed to pay her power bill.
She became flustered and handed her details over. However, she told her daughter and they went to the Police.
The scammers had already withdrawn money from her account.
Police urge people to be cautious, and to look after the older people in their lives when it comes to these situations.
They ask that you do not give any information over the phone.
Waiuku Sergeant, Graeme Wood, cannot stress enough not to not give bank details over the phone.
“No matter how professional or official they sound, do not give your bank details out over the phone. If you are unsure, double check and contact the company that they state they are from directly yourself.”
Sergeant Wood says that scams that are currently doing the rounds can be found on the Internal Affairs website.
“Family members need to keep an eye on their elderly, as they particularly prey on them, and just remind them that no reputable company would ever ask for your bank details over the phone.”