New Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore
It seems as Councillor Bill Cashmore may have been thrown in at the deep end two weeks ago.
The announcement of his new position as Deputy Mayor for Auckland was leaked to the press before he knew. However, it seems he is more than up for the challenge and is really looking forward to the opportunity.
Bill called in to the Post Newspaper last week and during an interview he explained how he found out about his new appointment as Deputy Mayor which was a big surprise to him.
“I was contacted by the media, stating congratulations Mr Deputy Mayor, and my first question was ‘what?’ No one has told me anything!” A quick visit to Mayor, Phil Goff, confirmed that this was the case, and Bill accepted the position.
When asked what his first reaction to the news of his new appointment was, he said “My first response was nervous. “Being appointed as Deputy Mayor is both an honour and a privilege and something that I will do to the best of my ability. It is about being sensible, straight forward and honest about the decisions we make at council. If we get it wrong we need to be open and upfront about it and sort it out.”
We asked Bill how he felt about working with the previous Deputy Mayor, Penny Hulse, who is highly regarded in the industry. “My predecessor has amassed 26 years experience, while I only have six, so I won’t be hesitating in asking her advice during this term.”
Bill’s role entails overseeing all of the council committees, including the three new ones which have been established based on the issues that matter most to Aucklanders; (housing affordability, transport and the community environment).
The Mayor and Deputy Mayor both live in the Wairoa Subdivision of Franklin. We touched base on how Bill felt about working with Phil Goff. “I am honoured to have been appointed as Phil’s deputy and really happy he has picked a group of people to run the city who he believes will work well together. As Deputy Mayor, it will be my job to connect all of the committees and staff to ensure the entire council is moving in the right direction. We have a chance to really make a difference,” he said. “I am aware of the needs and issues that confront Council. We now have to work with the Crown to get things moving.”
Bill says he is really looking forward to this challenge. 
“I would like to thank the people of Franklin for their continued support, and I am really looking forward to seeing what we can achieve over the next three years.”