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Artisan Icecubes
With spring in full force, and the promise of new fruit and flavours on the horizon, it’s easier to get more creative in the kitchen and make dishes that will appeal to everyone. From artisan ice cubes for that extra touch of class, or gluten and meat free options that will tickle the taste buds of veggie lovers, the food section is here to help.
For that extra step in your glass as the days get warmer, try artisan ice cubes.
Boiling water before freezing it will ensure there are no bubbles trapped in the ice, giving it a clear, rather than cloudy appearance. For that extra zing, why not include a berry or two in your ice cube trays? To give extra kick and freshness try a mint leaf. For the daring, add in some edible flowers – pansys, sweet william and marigolds are all edible, but do your research first to double check.
Creating colour
 Rainbow spring rolls for the gluten free, vegetable lovers. An assortment of colourful vegetables and herbs. Mint, coriander, capsicum, mango, carrot, beetroot and raddish. Not a fan of only vegetables? Add in some cooked chicken, skinless and boneless as well.
 Make a dipping sauce – peanut satay or sweet chilli are always favourites, and enjoy your tasty snack.
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