Fishing Report October
The last time my boat got wet was over two weeks before writing this report and I wasn’t even on board! However Arron and his crew had a great catch of snapper in 50m from off the coast. Others who were out have generally been successful too, especially if they are going out wide to 50m or more. In total contrast to that, kite and torpedo fishermen have been doing very well also yet they will be fishing in very shallow water. I’ve heard of fish up to 15lb from off the beach in the last couple of weeks but if you get the chance to get a boat out there my advice is to go wide. Although the beach fishers are doing well they will be in a zone too risky for a boat. Boats that have tried in shallow tend not had the same success.
I expect harbour fishing to pick up from here on in. This time last year it was going off but by winter the fishing was some of the poorest I’ve seen in years.
During the big tides of the last full moon I went for a walk down at the beach at low tide just to check things out. I was surprised to see no one fishing from the shore. If you head down there at full tide on any nice day you’re bound to see someone trying their luck. If I was to go surfcasting I’d be heading out a couple of hours before low tide so that I could cast right into the channel. At high tide even the best casters will be fishing in waist deep water at best. While shallow water can work well, it is usually at its best in low light conditions rather than in the middle of the day.
Speaking of tides, I prefer the mid sized ones for fishing in the harbour. The big full moon tides can be difficult but I’ve found the best time to hit the water during that moon phase is at low tide, which corresponds with early evening. Fishing that turn of the tide as the sun sets can be very productive indeed. When it comes to fishing the west coast however I prefer to choose my trips around the weather rather than the tides.
Scallops have been a little harder to find this year but are well worth the effort. I’m hearing mixed reports of whitebait catches from the river, but I’ve heard of one guy going home with 30lb. That’s a pretty good catch!
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Take care, Smudge

A great catch of snapper, gurnard and scallops from off the coast in October for my son and his mates. The had enough in the bin by 10.00am and were on their way home.