Enjoy the outdoors this summer
Your outdoor oasis…
Join the Post newspaper as we take a journey through the largest area of your home – your outdoor room. It’s your refuge, your sanctuary, your entertainment area around the barbecue, and a play area for your children.
If you have a well stocked vegetable garden it’s your larder, a pool or spa can let you soak away your cares, and your flowers, shrubs and trees can let you get back to nature and revel in the simple joys of gardening while you relax to the sounds of birdsong and the hum of bees and butterflies. It’s your special place, it’s your biggest room, and on these pages we will show you just how great it can be and where to shop!
There is no better place to enjoy those mild summer evenings other than your own backyard.
BACKYARDS ARE AS POPULAR AS EVER,  but if you’ve been neglecting yours these fresh and cool backyard ideas will help liven it up. Just as with interiors, mixing up styles in backyard design yields great results. You don’t have to stick to one aesthetic if you don’t want or can’t afford to. Another aspect of backyard design is, of course, layout, masterfully using spaces to create landscapes that are impressive and at the same time, low-maintenance. You can go with ultra modern minimal concrete surfaces and carefully manicured planter pots or a good old traditional aesthetic with lots of wooden furnishings. When designing your backyard it’s important to try and visualise the future layout, as this will help to keep it functional. As it is the backyard, it doesn’t have to be standard and boring, try using curvy lines and different materials to zone out seating areas and greenery. Be creative and let your backyard become an extension of your home to enjoy over the summer months.

Timeless Elegance of natural Stone

Timeless Elegance of natural Stone
Natural stone is always a great choice when choosing a material for use in a landscaping project. Stylish and durable, natural stone helps to create a beautiful feeling of harmony between the vegetation and your home. Silica, sandstone, limestone and slate are some examples of natural stone that fit perfectly into landscaped yards. Natural stone can brighten the feel of an entire backyard when used for an outdoor fireplace, a decorative feature, steps, patio or waterfall.
An outdoor oasis that reflects your style
Décor plays an important role in your garden, just as in the rest of your home. The design of your outdoor oasis should reflect your tastes. With good furniture, a few plants and some imagination, anyone can have a lovely space. Add an area rug, some patio furniture and it becomes an outdoor living room. A few ‘indoor’ details like candles and plant stands to make it feel more cosy and roomlike. Stringing lights over a ‘ceiling’ turns a plain space into an elegant outdoor dining area.
Beautiful, versatile container garden

You don’t need a huge yard or a tonne of fancy equipment to start indulging your green thumb. Container gardening is a simple, beginner-friendly way to grow your own fruits, veggies, herbs and flowers at home, in even the tiniest of outdoor spaces. Get creative with your container garden. Old household objects can be recycled into unique looking plant homes, and your local garden centre or nursery is chock-full of containers that will give your garden a unique flair.