Bill Cashmore announced as Auckland’s deputy mayor

Mayor elect Phil Goff today announced that Bill Cashmore will be the new Deputy Mayor of Auckland.

“I’m delighted that Bill Cashmore has accepted the position of Deputy Mayor. He is a respected and experienced councillor and I am looking forward to working with him and all of the councillors to make a real difference to the lives of Aucklanders,” said Phil Goff.

New committee structure

The Mayor elect also revealed a new streamlined Council committee structure designed to create a more efficient process for effective decision making.

“The new structure will result in five less formal meetings a month, up to 15 fewer reports needing to be prepared and a saving of 25% in staff and councillors’ time. This is in line with my commitment to ratepayers that, as a Council, we will do more with less.

“Major committees have been established based on the issues that matter most to Aucklanders, including ensuring Council and Council Controlled Organisations spend ratepayers money responsibly and provide the service people deserve, addressing housing unaffordability and traffic congestion, and caring for our environment and communities.”

These three committees will be chaired by Penny Hulse, Chris Darby and Ross Clow, supported by deputies Alf Filipaina, Denise Lee (formerly Krum) and Desley Simpson.

“This is a team with diverse backgrounds and experience, complimentary skills and a strong
record of serving the people of Auckland. We share a common vision of ensuring that Auckland becomes one of the world’s best performing cities and are committed to working together to achieve that outcome.

“All the appointments made to the various committees and other leadership positions are based on merit and follow discussions I’ve had with all councillors. The structure and appointments will be reviewed in a year’s time to ensure we are working as effectively as possible.

“I’m looking forward to working with our team of talented and committed elected representatives and the Council organisation to lead Auckland towards a better future,” said Phil Goff.

Franklin ward councillor and deputy mayor Bill Cashmore with Auckland mayor Phil Goff

Franklin ward councillor and deputy mayor Bill Cashmore with Auckland mayor Phil Goff